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Why You Should Hire Us

We Provide High-End Websites At A Great Price

Why Should You Consider Us?

For starters we offer our services of providing high-end websites at a fraction of the cost you would pay other design firms. We understand not all firms have the budget to pay top-dollar for their online presence. This is where Advantage Law Sites comes in.

Our team of dedicated professionals has one goal in mind; that is to give you the best looking website possible. We want your firm to succeed because it means we also succeed. We will supply you with an outstanding looking website that won’t break the bank. Your clients will swear you paid thousands of dollars for it. We guarantee our commitment to your firm and the development of a great looking website. Our commitment to customer service, communication and support is second to none.

Some of the things you can expect to receive:
Mobile Friendly/Responsive Design, Blogging Capabilities, SEO Friendly, Video Capabilities, Enhanced Security, Routine Backups, Analytics Support, Lead Capturing Forms & Conversion Optimization.

We Will Deliver The Website Your Law Firm Needs

Whether your goal for a website is to bring in new clients from web searches or reinforce referrals we will build a site that meets your needs. Let ALS help you get the website you deserve to reach your clientele.

Built For Every Device

They say first impression is mostly design-related. Last thing you want is to lose a client based on poor site design. This is why all of our sites are responsive/mobile friendly.

Lead Generating Design

Beautiful design is only part of it. We will make sure your website has the properly placed elements (call to actions) in order to drive leads. We want your firm to succeed and this is the first step.

Search Engine Optimized

Your website will be SEO friendly. We ensure that we properly name your pages, set-up your practice areas and install Google Analytics. Advanced SEO packages are available upon request.

Quick Case Study

Below is the transformation we performed for the law firm Cook-Sadorf. On the left is their original website. On the right is what we delivered them. You can see the difference is night and day.


Your Affordable Website Comes With Some Great Features

Just Because You Opt For An Affordable Web Package Doesn’t Mean You Will Lose Out On Options
Completely Responsive

Your new site will be 100% responsive and work on all platforms from a desktop to a laptop to a tablet to a smartphone.

Easy To Maintain & Manage

Just like our custom designs our affordable websites are built using the WordPress framework and are incredibly easy to maintain.

SEO Enabled & Ready

By default all of our framework websites are SEO friendly right out of the box. You can build and grow your SEO needs as your company grows. All of our SEO packages are 100% compatible with any chosen framework.

Social Media Ready

Social Media will be included and set-up with all chosen web packages.

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