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The Importance of Effective SEO For Law Firms

The Importance of Effective SEO For Law Firms

In the information age, second only to word-of-mouth, most people find an attorney through a search engine. If your law firm isn’t visible to search engines as one of the first pages of results for certain keywords, you’re missing out on potential clients. That’s why it’s imperative that your firm have a cohesive and effective SEO strategy in place moving forward.

The problem is, most legal teams don’t also have the expertise necessary to set a long-term SEO plan in motion that gets results. Advantage Law Sites can create, manage and report a long-term, cohesive marketing strategy that improves your SEO and your visibility to prospective clients. When you make the decision to invest in an exceptional marketing provider, you’ll see the results.


Visibility is Key

At it’s core, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making your business’s web page as organically visible as possible to those that search the keywords associated with firm.

As such, SEO strategy has to be both creative and technical, a difficult balance to strike effectively. An excellent SEO campaign combines a great understanding of what goes into SEO, as well as the keywords that will drive traffic to your firm and generate conversions. Effective use of these key concepts can be the difference between potential customers viewing your site in the first handful of results of a quick Google search, and never seeing it at all.

Advantage Law Sites works with law firms to ensure that their investment isn’t going to waste where SEO is concerned.


Opt For Long-Term SEO

The legal industry is one of the most competitive in terms of digital marketing. Many firms practicing in dense areas, with many different areas of specialty lead to a diverse digital environment where marketing teams find it more difficult to be heard among the noise. Because of these aspects, your SEO campaign will likely not yield significant results instantly, and will not reach its peak for several years.

To obtain cohesive and sustainable SEO over this period, you need a marketing team that can formulate an effective long-term strategy for your campaign. Just because your law firm isn’t seeing a drastic increase in search engine visibility after a period of, say, 3 months doesn’t mean there you won’t ultimately see the return on your investment in a major way. The competitive nature of the digital marketing environment for law firms simply means that an effective SEO campaign may take a little patience.

Advantage Law Sites works with our legal clients to craft a long-term, effective SEO campaign. We protect your ROI by managing the campaign throughout its duration, and making sure you have every advantage you need to generate leads.


SEO Responsibility is Key for Momentum

When striving for a sustainable SEO strategy, it may seem tempting to try to rocket up the rankings as quickly as possible. Some tactics, however, that appear to be effective in the short term may have a negative effect on your SEO rankings when the search engine sniffs them out and penalizes them.

For example, Google updates its system every once and a while to get better at identifying violations to their SEO policy. These include excessive backlinking, marketing with content that is thin, empty or keyword packed, and using one of various tactics grouped into the definition of spam. A marketing partner that gets shocking SEO results in the short term might be using strategies that could get your website penalized or blacklisted.

ALS works with our clients through every step of building and carrying out an SEO campaign so that they understand the strategies being used and share a common view of what the results will look like.

When it’s all said and done, the key to your websites lasting success in the evolving digital marketing landscape is a delicate balance between a site that is too heavy on SEO strategy and one that is too focused on user experience. After all, no matter what your area of law, many of your clients will still find your business after being referred there by friends and colleagues. When prospective clients view your site, you want them to have a positive customer experience, while making sure that you maintain search engine visibility.

For most firms, this balance is the result of a comprehensive marketing and SEO strategy. A top-notch marketing firm can take your legal reach to a whole new level.