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How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Online Presence

How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Online Presence

When growing your law firm and extending its reach, the key to being successful is to extend into as many markets and channels as possible. Multi-Channel Marketing is a strategy that values targeting your marketing materials through indirect and direct channels, where you can maximize the odds that prospective clients will find your legal practice.

One of the channels that yield an increase in business for your firm and inbound traffic to your site is one that many law firms under-utilize; social media marketing allows your business to become visible to a whole new community, and most importantly, generate conversation in social settings.

Attorneys that hire Advantage Law Sites for their marketing campaigns are promised a proactive, diversified marketing strategy that combine traditional digital marketing methods with proactive, growing strategies like effective social media marketing.

Here are a few ways lawyers can benefit from their firm adopting a social media marketing strategy:

Social Media Marketing is Proactive

In terms of online marketing, it’s not enough to rely on an effective SEO campaign to make your firm visible to prospective clients; sometimes you have to go out and find them.

Popular social media sites can help you identify your target communities and insert your firm into their line of sight, fostering brand recognition. The big 3- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- reach close to 2 billion users combined, so if you aren’t using these channels to seek clients, you’re leaving a huge customer well untapped for your legal practice.

When it comes to marketing for any industry, you target your marketing towards your audience. Social media marketing takes this concept one step further, and directs your firm’s targeted efforts directly to the consumer, rather than simply waiting for them to find you.

It’s an Effective Form of Mobile Marketing

Search engine optimized marketing is effective, but for the ever-increasing population of mobile browsers, marketers are looking for other ways to reach this population.

The solution? Social media is incredibly conducive to mobile browsing, to the degree that the largest social networks update their formats frequently to become optimized to be used on handheld devices. By using an effective, targeted social media marketing campaign, your legal practice becomes viewable by a large community, many of whom aren’t accessable through an SEO campaign alone.

Your Firm Can Spark a Conversation

The beauty of social media is just that; it’s social in a way that no other digital avenue can be. In an instant, someone within a social network can make connections and take part in meaningful dialogue with thousands of other people across the globe.

Your firm benefits from harnessing the positive aspects of these expansive online communities for the benefit of your public relations and outreach. Comment on local news stories and issues of particular importance to your audience and become a thought leader and an informational resource for your prospective clients. Your firm developing an ability to interact with the people who you intend to serve will increase your position as an authority, build brand recognition and increase your firm’s visibility in key populations.

There are countless ways to find marketing success with a multi-channel approach, but don’t leave it up to chance when your law firm’s livelihood is on the line. Advantage Law Sites has the experience to know what works and reach your target audience with effective, focused social media marketing.