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Get Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does your company do?

aAt Advantage Law Sites we deliver modern day websites at low rates to law firms. We will show you a selection of themes from which you choose one. Once you have done that we will create your new website in your firms’ image. This includes your logo, color, images and content.

How much do your services cost?

aYou can have a brand new website from as low as $900. Yes, you read that right. We’ve refined our process to the point that we can offer our services at very affordable rates. You will receive a high-end website for less than it cost for a few billable hours.

How long does it take to launch a new website?

aTypical turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Conversely if you went with a custom design you would be looking at 3-4 months for the same quality of work.

Are there any hidden fees?

aAbsolutely not. We are very upfront with our pricing structure. You will never be charged a ‘hidden’ fee or surprised with a bill.

Do you offer hosting?

aYes we do. In fact our servers are second to none. Enjoy security and high-speed websites from our dedicated servers. If you are unhappy with your current provider now is a great time to jump ship.

Do I own my content?

aYes. We at Advantage Law Sites will never claim your content nor your site files. You are the rightful owner.

Will my site be mobile friendly?

a100% yes. All of our sites are responsive (mobile friendly). You will enjoy a great user experience regardless if you are on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. We do our best to make sure the sites are coded to the highest standards.