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By default WordPress is SEO "friendly". Right out of the box it's set-up so that embarking on a SEO strategy to optimize your website will not be a super-difficult task. This however doesn't mean you click a 'go' button and your WP site self-automizes your marketing plan. There still is a bevy of things you must do right. And when done right you will be...

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In the information age, second only to word-of-mouth, most people find an attorney through a search engine. If your law firm isn't visible to search engines as one of the first pages of results for certain keywords, you're missing out on potential clients. That's why it's imperative that your firm have a cohesive and effective SEO strategy in place moving forward. The problem is, most legal...

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When growing your law firm and extending its reach, the key to being successful is to extend into as many markets and channels as possible. Multi-Channel Marketing is a strategy that values targeting your marketing materials through indirect and direct channels, where you can maximize the odds that prospective clients will find your legal practice. One of the channels that yield an increase in business for...

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